Mystery Tackle Box Review!

Ok so as mentioned in my last post, here is a review about a subscription box. My guy is going to be getting the Mystery Tackle Box every month because he’s catfishing crazy lol. We ordered a one-time box first just to check it out and see if it’s worth it or just a box of crap before paying for the subscription. Right off I want to say YES it is well worth the money.

The Mystery Tackle Box subscription is $15 a month, which is pretty cheap for anything this day and age. I amazoned everything in it and it is way cheaper to get the box instead of buy everything in it on your own. So here’s the unboxing pictures for you so you yourself can get an idea of what it comes with.

mtb8mtb9The first thing in your box is a card telling you “About Your Box.” It shows a list of everything included in your box along with a brief description and the retail price for the item. It also shares a website where you can learn how to properly use the items in the box if you are not familiar with them.

mtb2The second thing in the box is this little Dibble mini magazine.

mtb1You also get a Mystery Tackle Box sticker.

mtb10Included is a little scratch-off game where you can win prizes. (we did not win)

Now to the fishing goodies:

mtb3Magic Bait’s Strawberry Dough Bait 3OZ retailed at $4.95

mtb4Magic Bait’s Hog Wild Sponge Hooks 3Pack retailed at $3.00

mtb5Mudville Catmaster’s Dip Tubes 2Pack retailed at $1.99

mtb6Magic Products’ Dough Bait Hooks 3Pack retailed at $3.99

mtb7Tru-Turn’s Xstrong Forged Catfish Hooks 10Pack retailed at $2.49

mtb11Team Catfish’s Dead Red Blood Spray retailed at $5.49

So overall some pretty cool catfishing stuff and the box is a very reasonable price. We have already signed up for him to get them every month so I’ll definitely be posting if anything really awesome gets thrown in there.