Crafty Woman Wednesday – {Etsy Items}

Hello hello my lil bloglets! So I apologize (yet again!) about a late post. It is still technically Wednesday though so at least it’s not a whole day. As I know you other mothers understand, life can get hectic sometimes and the hour will just slip away from you… or the day. So for this week’s crafty post I wanted to show yall what I made my baby boy and also some items I’m working on for my revamped Etsy shop. If you have tried going to my Etsy shop recently I’m sorry it is closed and empty right now. But I promise I am working my lil mama tail off to make some great things to add to it and get it opened back up. Now let’s get to the post…

When I was pregnant with the Bodester his aunt got him a pacifier clip. It was RealTree camo and we loved it… until we lost it. I have searched everywhere and I cannot find it. I went to Walmart (where she purchased it) to buy a new one and they didn’t have any like it or any cute boy ones so I decided I would just make him a couple myself. I had never tried to make these before but I didn’t think they would be too hard, and they aren’t. I already had some Paw Patrol fabric leftover from some other things I’ve made him so I knew I would use that. All I had to buy was the little alligator clips for the end. Found a 15 pack on Amazon for like $7 and they were all different colors so I ordered those. The package arrived within 3 days and I went to town. I made Bodie two of them two different sizes and stitched his name on them.bodiesclips

These things were one of the easiest sewing projects I have ever made. Since I still had 13 other clips I decided to whip up a few more to put on my upcoming Etsy shop, because who doesn’t need a few of these when you have a baby right? So here are some of the other ones I made. etsyclips

I’ve made them in different lengths because I know with Bodie I need variety. For instance I don’t want a long one for just being in the car seat for fear of him getting it around his neck or something, however in the shopping cart cover it has to be longer so it will reach from the little hook to his mouth. I figured I couldn’t be the only mom who thinks like this and I know most of the ones in-store are all one length. So what do yall think? I think they are adorable and plan on making many more. Would be really cute in some team fabric also.

So that’s pretty much the gist of this post for the week. As for my Etsy shop stuff these are the only baby items I plan on selling right now. Most of my shop will consist of different type of bags, wallets and things of that nature. As soon as I am ready to open my shop back up with it’s new inventory I will let yall know! OH and don’t forget to keep an eye out the end of this week for a special baby essentials giveaway!! Until next time my lil bloglets…


My First CGQC Live Cam!!

Hello all my little bloglets! So I am super pumped because tonight was my first Live Studio Cam chat with The Crafty Gemini Quilt Club. It was great! I think there were about 80 of us in there and they were all so nice and welcoming to me being the newbie. I was asking about the Block of the Month Mystery Quilt and they were all super encouraging for me to try and catch up saying I could totally do it. So now I’m definitely going to. I’ve only missed 3 clues but technically only 2 because the first one is about the fabric and whatnot and doesn’t actually make a block or anything. Vanessa was funny and had great goodies to share and talk about. She always cracks me up. I’m just so excited to be apart of something like this. I spend literally ALL of my spare time making something whether its sewing or quilting or knitting or crocheting or any crafting. It’s really nice to have other people like me to chat with and share ideas with and even get real opinions from. Don’t get me wrong, I love my guy but every single thing I make no matter what it is or how it turns out he always says the same exact thing, “Looks good.” That’s it lol no emotions no change up and honestly half the time I know he doesn’t even actually look at whatever it is. But that’s the difference in crafty crazy people like me and normal people lol. I could talk forever about sewing machines or fabric or anything crafty related, and OMG I could totally go on and on about different ideas I have for quilts for like every person I know that really goes with their personality. And not only is the community great but the benefits of the club itself are amazing. There are so many amazing giveaways and deals exclusive to club members and awesome projects and patterns every month. My first club project class is this coming Wednesday and I am pumped!! We got a sneak peak of what it is going to be in the chat tonight and even though it is way above my skill level I am still going to give it a hell of a try. It is going to be so freakin cute I just hope I can keep up. Well it’s getting late so I better get to bed, 5am comes early ya know. Until next time bloglets…

A Diamond in the Rough??


This morning my guy dug this beauty out of our basement! There’s a lot of old stuff here since this house is over 100 years old and has always been in the same family. Since he is a super Mr fix it he is going to get it running for me and clean it up. I’m so excited! Look at the throat on that thing!? Right now I have a Brother SE400 which is a sewing and embroidery machine but I’ve been wanting to get one for just sewing and quilting that has a larger throat. If he can get it working properly then it would be perfect. Old Singers are said to be good workhorses and it’s a lot bigger then my current. I just had to drop a little post to share this possibly wonderful discovery! Til next time bloglets…

Quilts, Quilts, Quilts

Hello hello my lil bloglets! So even tho it’s a little late for me these days I just HAD to write a little post and share a couple things I am super super excited about….
First off I have FINALLY finished the quilt top for my parents family memory quilt I’ve been working on for what seems like years lol only actually been months but still. I still need to put the backing and binding in but I think it turned out great for my first big quilt. I did the quilt as you go method and I’m very glad I did. So here it is…


My mom saw it in a picture after I was finished and she loved it so much she cried. See her and my dad recently moved out of state away from all us kids and grandkids so I wanted them to have something special, made from the heart where they would always have pieces of our personalities, our pictures and handprints with them.

Second thing I wanted to share is my second quilt that I started after my moms. It’s for my baby boy Bodie and it’s a color nursery rhyme theme. It’s all put together and quilted now just have to attach the binding. I’m very happy with it and hope he’ll love it. The top strip has deer cause he loves them and his name appliquéd. Every row of blocks is a different color or two colors and a different nursery rhyme character. The characters and names are machine embroidered. The bottom strip is paw patrol fabric cause he loves paw patrol. The backing is a striped nursery rhyme fabric.


Now the last thing I want to share is my exciting news…. for my birthday coming up my guy bought me membership to the Crafty Gemini Quilt Club!!! I am beyond tickled about this lol. For those of you who do not know, The Crafty Gemini  (aka Vanessa) is a YouTuber who has awesome tutorials on sewing and quilting projects. I absolutely adore her teaching style. She speaks like a normal everyday person and not like a know it all. Plus she’s funny. But anyways her quilting club is amazing! Weekly live cam chats, monthly giveaways, monthly swaps, block of the month mystery quilt, monthly video class and so much more!! It feels like Christmas! Lol so for my lil bloglets out there who are like me and sew and quilt then I highly recommend checking out her youtube channel and her website. If you just love her (which you will) then you should definitely join the club. Okie dokie well that’s it for this one folks. Til next time…

I’m Back!!!

Hello hello my bloggy viewers! I know it has been way too long. My laptop has been under the weather for a while and I just recently got it working properly again. Plus having a 4 month old doesn’t leave me much free time. So here are some updates for yall. My baby boy Bodie bear is doing great! He’s allergic to milk so he has to take a hypoallergenic formula. But he’s growing great and he’s actually big for his age. He’s also very smart and spoiled lol. My other two kiddos are also growing and doing great. Both doing very well in school. As for me I have been kind of busy lately. Of course you all know how much I love to craft and especially sew, well I’ve started learning to quilt and I am completely in love with it!!! I have completed two wall hangings so far. This is my Easter one.  Easter Wall Hanging

The bunnies and things are appliqued onto the fabric and then I just quilted around them. I’m still not very good with binding but I’ll figure it out. Here is the one I made for Spring in general. Spring Shower Wall Hanging

It’s not perfect but I love it! The binding was some that my grandmaw had made and was left in her sewing/quilting stash that I was given. It was tiny lol. I think like 1/4 inch maybe. Not sure but I usually get the large double-folded so this was hard for me which is why the binding is messed up in more than one place. But overall I’m proud of myself and think it looks adorable. Right now I am working on a color block/nursery rhyme quilt for Bodie that I’m very excited about. I’m hoping it will turn out as cute as it is in my head lol. Here’s the layout of the top so far, only one row is actually attached right now. Nursery Quilt

I am going to applique his name on top and the backing is on it’s way. I found an adorable nursery rhyme striped fabric that matches perfectly. I also plan on using a rainbow striped bias tape for the binding. The top yellow and green row is “You Are My Sunshine”, red row is “Humpty Dumpty”, pink and purple row is “Mary Had A Little Lamb”, black and brown row is “Hey Diddle Diddle” and blue row is “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” For my first actual quilt I’m pretty proud. I think it looks good and will end up looking super cute. All of the characters and words are embroidered with my machine.

Welp there is all my latest doing to get ya caught up to speed lol. I know I’m not very exciting. I am working on getting a tutorial for a small tote bag up on here soon. Made my kids a couple and they are super easy and cute. I took all the pictures to make the tutorial I just haven’t sat down and written it all out. Plus I have never done one before so I must double check everything. I plan on adding sewing and quilting categories on here to start posting more tutorials and shares of things I am making because I make at least one thing a day. Also a little note, I will be doing a post soon about subscription boxes and am going to try to do a couple unboxing/review videos to go with it. My family has all signed up for different ones and I know I personally really liked looking up other people’s opinions and reviews about the company and what they got in each box so…

I will be posting soon I promise! Til next one….