My First CGQC Live Cam!!

Hello all my little bloglets! So I am super pumped because tonight was my first Live Studio Cam chat with The Crafty Gemini Quilt Club. It was great! I think there were about 80 of us in there and they were all so nice and welcoming to me being the newbie. I was asking about the Block of the Month Mystery Quilt and they were all super encouraging for me to try and catch up saying I could totally do it. So now I’m definitely going to. I’ve only missed 3 clues but technically only 2 because the first one is about the fabric and whatnot and doesn’t actually make a block or anything. Vanessa was funny and had great goodies to share and talk about. She always cracks me up. I’m just so excited to be apart of something like this. I spend literally ALL of my spare time making something whether its sewing or quilting or knitting or crocheting or any crafting. It’s really nice to have other people like me to chat with and share ideas with and even get real opinions from. Don’t get me wrong, I love my guy but every single thing I make no matter what it is or how it turns out he always says the same exact thing, “Looks good.” That’s it lol no emotions no change up and honestly half the time I know he doesn’t even actually look at whatever it is. But that’s the difference in crafty crazy people like me and normal people lol. I could talk forever about sewing machines or fabric or anything crafty related, and OMG I could totally go on and on about different ideas I have for quilts for like every person I know that really goes with their personality. And not only is the community great but the benefits of the club itself are amazing. There are so many amazing giveaways and deals exclusive to club members and awesome projects and patterns every month. My first club project class is this coming Wednesday and I am pumped!! We got a sneak peak of what it is going to be in the chat tonight and even though it is way above my skill level I am still going to give it a hell of a try. It is going to be so freakin cute I just hope I can keep up. Well it’s getting late so I better get to bed, 5am comes early ya know. Until next time bloglets…


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