I’m Back!!!

Hello hello my bloggy viewers! I know it has been way too long. My laptop has been under the weather for a while and I just recently got it working properly again. Plus having a 4 month old doesn’t leave me much free time. So here are some updates for yall. My baby boy Bodie bear is doing great! He’s allergic to milk so he has to take a hypoallergenic formula. But he’s growing great and he’s actually big for his age. He’s also very smart and spoiled lol. My other two kiddos are also growing and doing great. Both doing very well in school. As for me I have been kind of busy lately. Of course you all know how much I love to craft and especially sew, well I’ve started learning to quilt and I am completely in love with it!!! I have completed two wall hangings so far. This is my Easter one.  Easter Wall Hanging

The bunnies and things are appliqued onto the fabric and then I just quilted around them. I’m still not very good with binding but I’ll figure it out. Here is the one I made for Spring in general. Spring Shower Wall Hanging

It’s not perfect but I love it! The binding was some that my grandmaw had made and was left in her sewing/quilting stash that I was given. It was tiny lol. I think like 1/4 inch maybe. Not sure but I usually get the large double-folded so this was hard for me which is why the binding is messed up in more than one place. But overall I’m proud of myself and think it looks adorable. Right now I am working on a color block/nursery rhyme quilt for Bodie that I’m very excited about. I’m hoping it will turn out as cute as it is in my head lol. Here’s the layout of the top so far, only one row is actually attached right now. Nursery Quilt

I am going to applique his name on top and the backing is on it’s way. I found an adorable nursery rhyme striped fabric that matches perfectly. I also plan on using a rainbow striped bias tape for the binding. The top yellow and green row is “You Are My Sunshine”, red row is “Humpty Dumpty”, pink and purple row is “Mary Had A Little Lamb”, black and brown row is “Hey Diddle Diddle” and blue row is “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” For my first actual quilt I’m pretty proud. I think it looks good and will end up looking super cute. All of the characters and words are embroidered with my machine.

Welp there is all my latest doing to get ya caught up to speed lol. I know I’m not very exciting. I am working on getting a tutorial for a small tote bag up on here soon. Made my kids a couple and they are super easy and cute. I took all the pictures to make the tutorial I just haven’t sat down and written it all out. Plus I have never done one before so I must double check everything. I plan on adding sewing and quilting categories on here to start posting more tutorials and shares of things I am making because I make at least one thing a day. Also a little note, I will be doing a post soon about subscription boxes and am going to try to do a couple unboxing/review videos to go with it. My family has all signed up for different ones and I know I personally really liked looking up other people’s opinions and reviews about the company and what they got in each box so…

I will be posting soon I promise! Til next one….


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