Dork Alert! :)~

Hello hello my bloggy people! So I must share with yall what I have been up to the past couple days. As previously written within my blog I knit, loom knit and now crochet. Well a while back I used my daughters rubber bands from her rubber band bracelet set and made some grips for my knitting hooks. She never had an actual loom for them and the fold up one she had had broken so I used my long knitting loom. After I decided to learn crochet and received my set of hooks I wanted to make grips for all of them but we were out of bands. So I bought a loom kit and…. omg I’m addicted lol. I made my grips, then tried some bracelets and then tried making animal charms. Oh my goodness they are too cute. Now of course my kids are like “will you make me this?” “Can you make this?” Lol but I love it. So here is what I have made so far…


My adorable squishy pig


Crazy owl requested by my daughter


Mr crooked turtle lol


Cute tiny guinea pig.
I also made a lizard and a sword for my son but didn’t get pictures of them. I can’t help but just love how tiny and squishy they are lol! So anyways I’m a big dork and have spent the past couple days make rubber band animals for no reason lol. Just thought some of my crafty followers would enjoy. Oh and btw there is such a thing as loomigurumi which is basically crocheted tiny animals with the rubber bands and loom hook. Haven’t tried it yet but of course I probably will eventually. If I do I will definitely be posting about it but it looks kinda complicated so we’ll see. Well that’s it for this one!


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