Ok so I have a new crafty love… amigurumi! I can sew and knit but I decided I wanted to learn crochet also. So for Christmas my wonderful man got me a set of hooks and I went to it. Discovered amigurumi, which for those of you who don’t know… amigurumi is the Japanese art form of crocheting small creatures, or something like that. It’s adorable little stuffed animals crocheted in the round. My little girl loves them. I’ve only made a few things but have many more in mind to create. So the first thing I made was a little bunny…


Cute but kind of messy. So then I tried again…


This one turned out much better and cuter. So next I made what was suppose to be a wolf but there is some debate as to what it actually looks like. Some say a dog, some say a fox and some say a mouse lol. So you be the judge..



So there’s my amigurumi tries. If you would like to try it out yourself I recommend she is awesome and has video tutorials that are very easy to follow. Well hope yall try it out and LOVE it like I do! If you give amigurumi a try or are already a pro please share some pictures of your creations in the comments, I would love to see!!


5 thoughts on “Amigurumi!!

  1. These are too cute! I also want to make amigurumi! I came across some tutorials on YouTube and hope to make an icecream kitty. It looked so cute! I will give it another go tomorrow and see what happens. For some reason I have an awful time with rounds. 😦

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