29 or 33 Weeks Pregnant?!?


Hello hello! I know I haven’t written anything in a while, sorry but I’ve been seriously miserable and have not been on my computer much at all. This past Tuesday I was supposed to be 29 weeks preggo but I am HUGE and in a lot of pain. I haven’t been capable of doing much of anything these past couple of weeks. So Thursday I go to my doctor who does all his measuring and decides hey you might be farther along then we thought after all. Like duh! That’s just what I’ve been saying all along but what do I know it’s just my body right? Well anyways, according to my belly measurements and the fact that my bouncing (and kicking and flipping) baby boy has already dropped drastically getting into position we are now thinking I’m about 32-33 weeks instead of 29. I go back to the doctor on the 24th for an exam and 4d ultrasound so we can get a more exact timeframe. My original due date was November 24th but he told me there was no way I would make it until then. If I’m farther than of course he will move my due date up but if I’m just carrying very large and baby Bo is just anxious then he said he will still schedule to take him probably the first or second week of November. He induced me a couple of weeks early with my daughter too because she was done cooking and ready to go and I was on bedrest. I didn’t have to have any medications or a C-section or anything then so hopefully I won’t this time either. He just broke my water and my body took over naturally. I like it that way. For now I am supposed to be taking it easy and not doing anything that I absolutely don’t have to. I’m not on strict bedrest as of yet but I have a feeling I will be after the 24th because of all the pain. Basically my back and body just cannot handle or carry all this baby and belly I’ve been rocking. I have gained a total of around 16 pounds however it is all in my belly. I have not gained an ounce anywhere else so that’s a big belly for my little legs to hold up lol. I have been having awful Braxton hix and major lower back and side pain which he says is due to my belly being so big and dropping already. I also have the RLS which has become unbearable lately. I have been taking a muscle relaxer before bed at night to try to help but it really hasn’t done much. So this visit he gave me some nerve pills and last night was the first night. It actually worked. It didn’t wipe me out like it should have but I didn’t have any of the horrible pains or twitches or spasms that I’ve been having every other night so I was happy. I actually slept some and was able to get up early and go baby and birthday girl shopping with my guy. I can’t do much at a time of course without having to take a nap. I feel like I’m dragging an elephant around everywhere right now lol. Yesterday I also started having to wear a belly support brace to help my back. It works wonders, however it’s not comfortable to sit in and I can’t stand to wear it for too long. I’m at the phase where I just don’t want anything touching my belly. Anyone else have that while they were pregnant?? If I could get away with it I would walk around naked right now I swear lol. What really worries me right now though is the fact that if I am a month farther along then we thought, depending on how much worse a shape I get then my baby boy might be attending his own baby shower. Which you know is not a problem really its just that I am scrabbling and trying to make sure we have all of the essentials now just in case. I’d hate for him to appear early and not be ready for him. Which technically he really won’t be early since I’m sure I’ve been much farther along. Everything seemed to happen “early” ya know? I popped really early and just every week the things that come with pregnancy were already happening to me when I read about them in my What To Expect. Well I guess I have rambled on enough now. I just wanted to let those of you that follow my blog know what was going on and why I hadn’t been as active on here.


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