Top Ten Baby Must-Haves That You Might Not Have Thought Of

Ten years ago I was blessed with my first born, my son Blake. He was a total surprise and I was young so I had absolutely no clue what to do to prepare for his arrival. Before my son I hadn’t even been around a newborn baby. Many first-time parents are clueless to start so don’t feel bad if this is you. It really does just come to you as you go along, I promise! So no matter who you are, everyone know the obvious items that are needed when you have a baby like; a carseat, a crib, diapers, bottles and a stroller. I have comprised a list of the top ten must-have items that first-timers might now realize are important or know they need.

  1. Diaper Genie – A must for any baby household! It eliminates having nasty baby poop smelling filled trash cans. Especially great for homes with dogs, who for some strange reason actually like chewing up used diapers.
  2. A Quality Thermometer – Now veteran moms and grandmas will say that they know if a baby is running a fever just by touching their foreheads but every mom needs to own a good quality thermometer. Best options include ear and one-touch forehead ones because they are digital so therefore faster and much easier to use.
  3. Burp Rags, Burp Rags & More Burp Rags – A true baby essential! You can never have enough burp rags in your house if there is a baby. All babies spit up, it’s just a fact of life. And please do yourself and anyone else planning on holding your bundle of joy a favor and do not buy any of those tiny cutesy little burp rags. Trust me when I say that you will want a larger and more importantly longer burp rag for burping and bouncing your baby. As babies get bigger they can reach some distance with their upchuck!
  4. Diaper Rash Cream – Always keep different kinds of diaper rash creams on hand when you have a baby. Their soft baby skin is just so sensitive and you want to make sure they aren’t having a reaction to your cream of choice.
  5. Mittens – Newborns will scratch themselves very easily so you need to keep those pretty little paws covered. Some nightgowns also have the option of covering baby’s hands.
  6. Musical Mobile – A lot of new parents make the mistake of not putting down their babies at bedtime. Do not, I repeat DO NOT start that habit. Just don’t do that to yourself. Put them in their crib turn on a soothing mobile or other crib soother and leave the room. You will appreciate this later when they are a bigger baby.
  7. Bassinet – Let’s face it, you can’t hold your bundle of joy all day. You need a safe and quick place to put down your baby to answer the phone or take a quick potty break. A bassinet or a playpen is the perfect place to lay your sweetie down.
  8. A Nightlight – When those sleepless nights start pouring in, you will want a good night light in the nursery. Bright enough to see clearly but dim enough to keep you and baby still in the sleepy zone.
  9. Nasal Aspirator – Those little nostrils are so tiny and yet are capable of holding so much snot. You definitely need a way of extracting it and a tissue and your fingertip will not fit.
  10. Quality Baby Monitor – Tired mommys need a nap too. Just make sure you have a good quality baby monitor that you will clearly hear from anywhere in your house. The best newer option link with your smartphone and allow for audio, video and even talkback. The one I have also has the option to select lullabies or even music from my phone to playback for baby. It has temperature alerts and night vision. Essential for checking in on your little one.

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