26 Weeks Today!

Well today I am 26 weeks pregnant! It feels like I have forever to go still! If you have been keeping up with my posts then you will remember that I started taking a mild muscle relaxer last week to help me sleep. Well the first couple of days it was great, however last night… not so much. I had a lot of trouble falling asleep and my legs were cramping really bad. Ended up having to get out of bed to take a warm bath and relax my legs. Not too happy about it, but I’m hoping it was just a one-time thing. Yesterday wasn’t too awful bad I actually ended up getting a bit of housework done. Today I did small things, not major housework. I mainly focused on homework and printing our baby shower invitations. I’m getting very excited about our baby shower. It’s Halloween themed, which I love! I’m also excited about it because I want to be 100% prepared for baby Bo and need to wait and see what all we get from the shower before buying anything else. Shopping for baby is always a great time for mommy-to-bes! Who else just LOVES looking at all the tiny and adorable baby items in store? I do! And how much fun is it to build your baby registry?? I am registered at an online store and also at a regular store since I have family and friends out of state. It is easier for them to buy and have shipped if they can’t make it to town. Then of course it is much easier for our local friends and family to shop at say Kmart or Walmart to bring their item to the shower. Now this is my number 3 so I know exactly what I need and don’t need and exactly what I want and don’t want, so my registry is very specific. As to the ladies who are first-time mothers, I will be posting a helpful tip list on things you ACTUALLY need with your first baby and what to ask for on your registry. Will get that finished and posted later tonight! Well I hope every other mommy going through what I am going through is having a much easier time than I am, and if not then just remember that I am here with you! Any questions or comments you have please feel free to contact me!


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