A Slug in Slow Motion

In two days I’ll be 26 weeks pregnant and I’m just so very tired of being tired. If you have read my other posts then you will remember that I haven’t slept much in the past couple of months due to severe rls and leg cramps. So to help with that my doctor gave me some mild muscle relaxers to take at night. The night before last was the first night and it was magical. I fell asleep quickly and early and slept the entire night. Woke up early the next morning feeling rested and great. Was deep cleaning the kitchen at 7:30 am yesterday. Lol Last night I stayed up later and did some homework but still fell asleep easily and quickly when I was ready, however today has been NOTHING like yesterday. Woke up around 7 something feeling tired, hung out with my favorite guy then fell asleep on the couch right before lunchtime and slept for about an hour and a half. Got up we went and got lunch and I fell asleep again after lunch for about an hour. Then my sister brought the kids home and I stayed up and watched some football with him and then fell asleep AGAIN! Only for about 45 minutes or so this time but still. I haven’t accomplished anything today except napping. It’s 5pm now and I swear I could easily go to sleep again. Any other preggos getting frustrated from being so tired and not getting enough done throughout the day? It’s driving me crazy. Sure I can make myself stay awake but even then I don’t have the energy or brain power to accomplish anything productive. I feel like a slug in slow motion today. My guy is being really great about it though, despite the housework not getting done. He just keeps telling me to just give in and nap. That maybe my body is just trying to play catch up from all the sleep I haven’t been getting, and maybe he’s right. Still feels wrong though doesn’t moms? I mean we’re mom, we are suppose to concur it all aren’t we? Early to rise and late to bed and everything just gets magically done for everyone else right? I feel like a total slacker. And to top if off I apparently HAVE been slacking in a mommy area this past week. The kids stayed the night with my sister who ended up having to get a huge tangled rat’s nest out of the underneath back of my daughter’s hair! See she likes to be independent and a big girl so she takes a shower by herself and does her own hair now. Well I guess she had gotten a really bad knot the other day and where I have been so exhausted I didn’t check her. She comes out of the shower with her hair brushed and pulled into a low ponytail so it wasn’t noticeable. And of course she didn’t bring it to my attention. I felt like the worst mommy when my sister calls me to tell me she actually had to CUT a small chunk of her hair out because it was so bad. Now I know my daughter didn’t tell me because she has been so great about doing stuff for herself and not worrying me with unnecessary things since I’ve been pregnant, she is very sweet and considerate. But I still can’t help but feel awful. I wish there was a way to not be so tired and sore and have more energy right now. Any advice from anyone? And exercise is not an option with my bad leg, I’m lucky right now to walk from point A to point B. Well I hope if there are any other pregnant mamas out there reading this who have also felt this way, that this will make you feel a little better knowing that you are not alone. And of course despite how we may feel right now we are NOT bad or lazy moms because the cause of this is the fact that we are creating a human inside us. Keep that in mind when you are feeling lousy! Thanks for reading guys!


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