The Dreaded Orange Drink!!

So I am 25 weeks and 2 days pregnant and today I had my Glucose test. Yuck! Anyone who has been pregnant before or are going through it now will tell you that it is awful! While the small bottle may look like Orange Fanta, it tastes NOTHING like it! Today was such a mess though. My appointment time was for 1:15, I had to drink the nasty concoction one hour beforehand and not eat or drink anything two hours before that. Seems simple enough right? No, not today. Last night was an awful night where I ended up doing my not sleeping on the couch. So this morning when my guy heads off to work he wakes me up and I move back to the bedroom, leaving my phone and everything still in the living room and forgetting to set an alarm. Needless to say I ended up sleeping until 10 am. It was killer without eating breakfast or having anything to drink after getting up. Plus I sold an old pageant dress through Ebay and had to get it shipped today so me and the kids had to rush and get out the door and to the post office where it took forever. We barely made it to my doctor’s in time after it was all said and done and I was so sick to my stomach. Of course the test is a blood test so they took all that blood on top of me not having eaten or drank anything which only made me feel worse. Came home after, ate something and laid down for a little while. I felt horrible. I almost didn’t even get all that crap down anyways. Its so nasty plus it had been in the fridge so it was really cold. You have to drink the entire bottle within 5 minutes, which is harder than it sounds. But it was so cold it actually gave me brain freeze drinking it so fast. Plus the gross taste of it about had it coming back up while still trying to keep it down. Ugh! It was not fun. But the good news is that it’s over. I won’t have the results from that for a couple days but everything else at the doctor’s visit was just fine. Right on track. Since I had to take my kids with me, my doctor let my daughter do the baby’s heartbeat and she thought that was the greatest thing ever. It was really special. Baby Bo kicked the mic twice, because he hates being messed with. Whether it’s me rolling around trying to sleep, loud noises or someone trying to touch my belly and interact with him, he hates it. But it doesn’t surprise me because his daddy is the same way. A total hermit crab who hates crowds and meeting new people. Looks like his son will be the same way. lol As for all the uncomfortable pain I’ve been having with my legs, my doctor called me in a weak muscle relaxer to see if that will help me sleep. Of course I felt so bad this afternoon that I didn’t go out and pick it up but I am getting it in the morning so hopefully tomorrow night’s post will be all about what wonderful needed sleep I got. lol I’m not holding my breath though. When I was pregnant with my daughter I had similar problems and he tried everything he could but nothing eased the pain and I didn’t sleep for most of the pregnancy. Either way I will try whatever he wants and report what works and what doesn’t with you guys. I would like to add right here a special thank you to those of you are following my blog and keeping up with what I have to say. It is greatly appreciated. I know it’s not much yet but I am working on it and building it up so stay with me!


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