Teens NOT Thinking!!

Ok so I just HAD to share this video on my blog. It truly disturbs me. How sad is it that these girls don’t even seem to THINK it is a scary or iffy situation? Neither of my kids are teens yet or allowed to have their own cell phones or social media that I don’t control but it still scares me to watch things like this. They are both trusting with people and we talk about things like this all the time. People PLEASE start talking to your kids about strangers ASAP! And don’t stop. They may become teens and seem “too cool” to talk like that and may even not want to but make them listen. It is so very important. My kids know exactly what to do in any emergency situation. But I still feel as though they could be tricked by somebody they don’t know like in these videos, hopefully I’m wrong though. The saddest part, I think, about crimes these days involving children or teens is that most of the time they are 100% preventable. So many people don’t want to talk to their kids and that is the biggest mistake. They either feel as though they will unintentionally “scare” their kids or it makes THEM uncomfortable. My parental theory is if they aren’t scared of strangers or anything else that could be dangerous then you are not doing your job as a parent. Scare the HELL out of them if you have to. If it gets the important message across and prevents stupidity like in this video then it’s completely worth it.


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