My Love of Crafting/Sewing!

en_isell_3So I have a major addiction… CRAFTING! I cannot help myself. I love anything and everything to do with crafting, sewing, knitting, drawing, painting and so on and so on. I started with sewing. When I was a little girl my grandma sewed and she taught me the basics of sewing by hand. She always made my sister and I’s curtains and quilts. As I grew older I just let it go and didn’t sew anything. I was really into drawing and writing all through school. Now as an adult I just kind of stumbled into sewing again a couple years ago and can’t stop.

It began when I moved into my current house where the front living room window is a very awkward size. We wanted some nice full coverage deer curtains to go with everything else and they could not be found. So I decided to make them. Then after I had made curtains and pillows for the house I started making costumes and sassing up outfits for my daughter who was into pageants at the time. And it has just spiraled out of control since then lol. I am still learning knitting, I picked it up last year out of curiosity. I was making things for my kids and baby-to-be when a few facebook friends took notice and started paying me to make their kids and babies and their friends’ kids and babies things. Technically I am making money, but I would never call it a job no matter how much I end up doing because I just love it so much. My biggest item right now are quiet books. Babies and toddlers LOVE them and good detailed ones are very hard to find in stores these days. So recently a friend of mine and I opened up our own Etsy shop to sell our already selling crafts. It hasn’t been open very long and honestly I haven’t had a lot of time to put into it so we haven’t sold anything through it yet, but it’s a start. She does really pretty wood crafts and decorations where my best things are what can be sewn. Our shop name is TheMamaBeez if anyone would like to head over and check out some of our for sale items. Almost everything listed is made to order. We can also make many other things that are not listed as of yet but the reason is really only that it’s stuff we’ve made for ourselves or family and never took a decent picture of so we can’t post it until we make another. I’m no photographer so the pictures I do take are not so great. I know that affects the sales of our page also since the items do not look as good as they are in the pictures I take, which is usually with my smartphone and in poor lighting. But we are both working on making new things to photograph and share. My latest project is to make these adorable Halloween treat bags for my kids and niece and nephew to carry trick or treating this year. I had some leftover Halloween fabric from a couple years ago and made one for my daughter so now I must make everybody one. They are reversible and adorable. I love Halloween and anything with Halloween fabric is ok by me. But every year the kids want to get the little plastic buckets or plastic bags with the latest characters on them but either they do not hold enough candy or the handle breaks. So this year I thought it would be best to make real bags that will not only last through trick or treat night but also hold more candy and they can be washed, stored and used again next year. Contemplating whether or not to make my soon-to-be baby boy one or not. Of course he won’t be here for this Halloween but he will for next and will need a matching bag then too… hmm probably will that way I don’t have to make another next year. I’m also working on a couple things for my daughter’s birthday which is next month. She LOVES to sew and craft and color and draw (just like her mommy) so I’m making her a tote/book thing (lol) that will hold coloring books or sketch books or paper and crayons and markers or colored pencils. Anything for drawing and coloring in the car or on the go she needs will fit into it when I am done. I think you would call it an art folio. And its out of her favorite fabric. She’s just going to love it. I hate that I haven’t worked on it more but since it’s summer she is always poking around in my sewing stuff. Can’t wait til she goes back to school and I can devote real uninterrupted time to it. Well I think I have rambled on enough about my crafts. Remember to check out my little Etsy shop! I can also be emailed through my blog with any requests or questions!


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