Pregnancy Week 25


So here I am 25 weeks today! I look so much bigger than that and feel so much more pregnant than that! lol This is my third and more than likely my last baby, and to be honest I really thought it would be a lot easier this time around since I’d been through it twice already. BUT it’s not! As I’ve always heard and read, “Every pregnancy is different.” Well of course I’m stubborn and hardly ever believe anything I read or hear so I thought I knew better. Physically this pregnancy has been a lot harder a lot sooner than my other two. I started having Braxton Hix a couple weeks ago and am not loving it!! Also I am having severe trouble with my RLS (restless leg syndrome) at night and awful cramping in my calves and back muscles. Sleep does not come easy for me these days and if and when I do finally fall asleep, it is short-lived because I have to get up to pee about every 5-10 minutes at night. I dread next week when my other two children go back to school, have no idea how I am going to function getting up at 5:30 and getting them off to school! But it’s all part of being a mommy and regardless of all the pains I love it. I know the sleeping is not going to improve and it is something I need to get use to since I will be up with a newborn throughout the night but the difference will be that there won’t be severe pain so that will be nice. My other major issue right now with being 25 weeks pregnant is the inability to do just about anything anymore. I’m constantly sore and just feel unable to function physically. I got quite large with my daughter but the difference was that I gained everywhere. This time around I have only gained baby and belly, so it’s like the rest of my body just can’t keep up with or hold up this bump. Everyone around me wants to help me and do this for me or that, and I know I should be thankful and I know they are just trying to help and be nice… but I can’t help but feel aggravated and frustrated that I can’t do everything by myself. Any of you other preggos feel this way? OMG and I cannot wait until I can sleep on my stomach!! I am naturally a tummy sleeper and this has been killing me since I am not comfortable any other way. I am going to buy a pool ring and trying sleeping with that. I have heard that it does work for some women. Your bump nestles nicely inside the ring while the rest of you gets to finally stretch out. Once I try it, I promise to post on how it works and if it is able to get me any kind of relief! Welp I must get dinner on the table so that is all of my pregnant complaints for now!


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